Articles, Books and Other Content I Liked in Year 2012

Posted On: 31 Dec 2012

With new year at the door, I wanted to share some of the content I really liked in the year to be left behind. Here is a selection of articles, books, pictures, music etc. that I really liked this year. The list is not very methodically drawn up but not completely random either. For one, I wanted to keep this list less geeky and more general. It's stuff that I found interesting enough for its novelty, information or fun quotient. Continue Reading

ID Generation and MySQL Auto Increments

Posted On: 12 Dec 2012

Auto-incrementing + unique + clustered + integer columns are one of the best candidates for ID columns. However, if you take auto-increments for granted, you'll be in for some nasty surprises when you employ them in multi-master and sharded setups. Continue Reading